About Us

Nafisa is Mississauga’s best Halal Middle Eastern restaurant combining an authentic Damascene tastes with the magic of homemade Arabic flavours. We pride ourselves in our selection of authentic Middle Eastern delicious combined with a penchant for customer experience. Our customers are like our family back home, we know them by name – but most importantly, we remember what they like to eat.

Our range of Halal Middle Eastern cuisine combines the most famous selections from the Arab world alongside dishes that are absolutely unique to Nafisa. With a culinary history that dates back more than five decades, our team prides itself in serving your family with the same quality of ingredients and tastes that it would love to relish with it’s own.

Nafisa’s dessert selection is unmatched in taste and quality within the Greater Toronto Area. From authentic Baklava freshly sourced from Syria to the tastiest Kunafeh (Knafeh) you will have anywhere – including Turkey (for you globetrotters). The Nafisa name has been associated with desserts in the Middle East for decades, and we cherish our heritage with immense pride and passion.

“Nafisa is the crown jewel of Mississauga’s booming Middle-Eastern restaurant hub.”

Our Blog

Nafisa’s maintains a happening blog to keep in touch with our customer base. From recipes to stories from kitchens across the homeland, Nafisa’s Blog will keep on inspiring you to taste the good things in life.

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