How Nafisa Mississauga’s Ensures Quality Halal Ingredients For It’s Famous Dishes

We have always prided itself on it’s ingredients. One question, however, props up every now and then from our Muslim clientele: How do you ensure the quality and origin of your halal meat? The question is one that we take seriously, because it has several questions within it: Where do we get our meat? How do we ensure that it […]

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There’s more to Middle Eastern Food than Shawarmas and Hummus

Let’s be honest, Shawarmas and Hummus are great. Infact, Nafisa itself has a wonderful selection of authentic fresh hummus prepared every day. These two delicious (you may add Falafel as well) have helped Arab cuisine reach different parts of the world. Go to any major city across the world and you will see people of all nationalities and backgrounds enjoying […]

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Nafisa Middle Eastern Cuisine Mississauga’s Social Media Taster

Nafisa Cuisine Mississauga hosted it’s social media taster session for a team of bloggers, vloggers and influencers arranged by our event partner Mississauga Eats. The guests, many of them renowned social media personalities, were absolutely blown away by our food, including selections from new menu. We will now share some posts uploaded by the Mississauga Eats team and our guests […]

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