Nafisa Middle Eastern Cuisine Mississauga’s Social Media Taster

Nafisa Cuisine Mississauga hosted it’s social media taster session for a team of bloggers, vloggers and influencers arranged by our event partner Mississauga Eats. The guests, many of them renowned social media personalities, were absolutely blown away by our food, including selections from new menu.

We will now share some posts uploaded by the Mississauga Eats team and our guests on social media.

Nothing excited the influencers more than the dessert. Let's face it: Arabian dessert not only tastes great, but it looks tasty enough just by staring at it. The biggest hits, unsurprisingly, were our Kunafeh and Baklava. 
We love our Basha with asakro and so did the team of influencers. They were fascinated by the yogurt covered dumplings - and ofcourse, the taste blew them away.
Taste of Mississauga was in absolute of awe of our dessert selection. We took them back to the kitchen where they saw the long process of making our Kunafah and other dessert items. Tasting the 

Nafisa has become a favourite haunt of influencers, social media icons and famous personalities throughout the social spectrum. You never know who you will meet on your next visit to our middle eastern haven! From Turkish drama celebrities to Ontario-based politicians looking to revisit the flavours from their trips to the middle east, Nafisa is THE place to be.

We wish to thank Nafisa Mississauga for their hospitality. The food was absolutely amazing and every member of our team and influencers enjoyed each and every meal.’


More Tasters Coming Soon

Nafisa continues to work with social media personalities in arranging tasters and events. The purpose to is to let people know that there is authentic middle eastern cuisine located right at the heart of Mississauga – no false promises, no subpar ingredients, no gimmicks. This is real, authentic and delicious middle eastern cuisine. It’s as simple as it gets.

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