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How Nafisa Mississauga’s Ensures Quality Halal Ingredients For It’s Famous Dishes

We have always prided itself on it’s ingredients. One question, however, props up every now and then from our Muslim clientele: How do you ensure the quality and origin of your halal meat? The question is one that we take seriously, because it has several questions within it: Where do we get our meat? How do we ensure that it is properly sourced? How do we ensure that it is halal certified? Are we confident that it meets the requirements of the consumer segment that looks at every individual aspect of it’s halal origins? The Nafisa Promise Let’s make it obvious from the onset: we use premium-grade halal meat from the two most respected suppliers in Ontario, and we work closely to ensure that they meet not only our customers requirements, but our own expert-formulated halal meat criteria as well. Not only is the meat halal, but we ensure that the animals receive the necessary industry standard animal care and feed that is expected from healthy, top-notch sourced meat products. From a purely business perspective, we know that providing the highest quality halal meat is essential to ensure the best taste in our dishes: lowering the quality of the ingredients […]

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